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Jenny- The Cycle tutor

Hi, my name's Jenny and I have been teaching safer cycling ( Bikeability since 2010) in schools with West Sussex County Council for just over ten years. In that time I have had several people ask me where they could learn to ride a bike. Or where they could learn the skills that we were teaching their children. So in 2007 I decided to be a cycle tutor for all ages not just for school children.

There is a National Standard for cycling promoted by the CTC (Cycle Touring Club) and I felt that I should do the training to be a national standard accredited cycle Instructor. This training I completed in 2007 and can combine my experience of teaching children with this to make my own unique course tailored to your own specific requirements.

My love of cycling starts from a child learning to ride without stabilisers, with my Dad holding on to the saddle! I took my cycling proficiency at Junior School, and went on to use cycling as my means of getting to and from Senior school. As a teenager I used my bike to travel to work, various friends and activities as my parents did not wish to be my chauffeur!

Once I learnt to drive naturally my use of the bike started to deteriorate. However at the age of twenty I married Rob, a keen cyclist. Rob encouraged me back on to my bike. When we had our son he had a seat on the back of my bike, and later when our daughter came along I was pulling a cycle trailer containing two toddlers. They progressed on to a Tug, ( A purpose built bar that attaches the child’s bike to an adults.) They are now adults and keen cyclists themselves, between the four of us we now own fourteen bikes and a Tandem!

So, not only do I have years of experience teaching children to ride, I have always had and I think always will have a love of cycling. I enjoy being able to share and teach this to others. If I can help you to gain confidence on your bike and teach you to ride safely in traffic, please contact me .