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Reduced Prices for Schools. Please note that Bikeability Badges and Certificates cost an extra £1.00 per child

Level 1    Basic riding skills. Starting, Stopping (using both brakes), Looking behind, and signalling.

Level 2    Road training on quite T- junctions. (This is equivalent to the training W.S.C.C. provide)

Level 3    Road training on busier roads, roundabouts, filtering and traffic lights. 

At level 1 I can take up to ten children at one time with two instructors for £30.  This is a reduced price for schools. (One instructor for one and half hours privately would normally be £30.) Most children who can already ride only require one session to improve their basic cycling skills. However some children that have only recently learnt to ride may benefit from extra sessions. (I can also teach complete beginners to ride, but this is done on an individual bases.) 

If you require level 2 training for those who missed or did not achieve Bikeability Level 2 with the W.S.C.C. I can take up to 5 children out in a group on the road. They would need 3 sessions of 2 hours. (I would also have to check their level 1 skills before taking them out.) I would charge £35 per child plus a one off risk assessment fee £10 (To assess the local roads and where I could safely take them.)

Level 3 training is only 2 students at a time. Prices are £15 per session The number of sessions needed will depend on individual ability. Students can only progress to level 3 having completed Level 2.

Bikeability Badges and certificates are given out at a cost of £1.00 per child or a Cycle Tutor certificate at no extra cost. A progress report is given to parents for Levels 2 & 3.

I also charge for travel expenses at 45p per mile + time if over 30 minutes travelling. (Please note that the travel expenses will vary. I live in Littlehampton, however the other instructor may come from Rustington or Worthing.)

I have a disclosure for working with children, through West Sussex County Council, and my insurance is provided by the CTC. Copies of these documents can be sent to schools on request.

If you are interested, please contact me