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National Standard Levels

Recognised levels of cycle training as recommended by the C.T.C. ( Cyclist Touring Club U.K.)

Level 2- Novice

1    Start on road journey

2    Finish on road journey

3    Be aware of everything around    

     them, including behind, as they    


4    Understand how and when to 

      signal their intentions to other    

      road users

5    Understand where to ride on the         

      roads they are using

6    Pass parked cars or slower    

      moving vehicles

7    Pass side roads

8    Turn right into a major road and

      left into a minor road

9    Turn left into a major road and 

      right into a minor road

10   Be able to take the correct        

       carriage way when they need to

11   Decide where cycle lanes can        

       help their journey and demonstrate correct use (If cycle lanes can be incorporated within training)

12   Explain why they have made

      decisions during riding and

      thereby demonstrate

      understanding of safe riding strategy

13   Demonstrate a basic understanding of

       the highway code, in particular how to interpret road signs.


If you haven't ridden a bike for a while it probably won’t take you long to reacquire the skill of riding again, it tends to be something that comes back naturally to you, once you find yourself sitting back on the saddle !

Cycle tutor will find a suitable quiet area for you to get to grips with cycling again. Once you are confident on your bike we will practice looking behind and signalling. Only when you are ready will we move on to road riding.

Cycle Tutor will find some quiet roads and we will practice turning left and right from side roads into main roads and turning from a main roads into side roads. Once you have the technique, we will go on a cycle ride giving you lots of practice and when you are ready, we will then progress to busier roads until you are confident in your own skill.

Children that have gained "Safer Cyclist"  category with West Sussex County Council Road Safety will have reached a similar level to Novice and will be ready for cyclist level training.