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National standard levels

Recognised levels of cycle training as recommended by the C.T.C. ( Cyclist Touring Club U.K.)

Level 1- beginner

Level 1A

1 Get on the bike without help

2 Start off and pedal without help

3 Stop without help


4 Ride along without help for

   roughly one minute or more.

5 Make the bike go where they want

Level 1B

1 Use their gears

2 Stop quickly with control

3 Manoeuvre safely to avoid objects

4 Look all around, including looking

behind, without wobbling


5 Signal right and left without


6 Carry out a simple bike check


'I have never learnt to ride, but I would like to now.'

That’s great! Once you learn to ride a bike it is a skill that is yours for life.

In your first beginner training session Cycle tutor will find a suitable off road area, where you can " have a go” in a relatively safe environment.

Initially there will be training to help you develop your balance and to encourage you to start pedalling. Once you are confident in your control and manoeuvring of the bike we will move on to looking behind and signalling. Only when you are ready will Cycle tutor move you on to road riding on some quieter roads (it is unlikely to be your first session!).