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welcome to Cycle Tutor


Welcome to cycletutor.ORG.uk

Sessions are tailored to your individual needs, teaching the CTC National Standards.

CYCLE TUTOR for your Individual Cycle Training

Cycling is an environmentally friendly activity, whether you want to cycle to keep fit and healthy or just to get from A to B without having to use a car. Cycling is a good form of exercise providing a nice gentle work-out at your own pace. It is also a practical way to cover short distances without the worry of finding somewhere to park.

The CYCLE TUTOR is here to help you learn to ride with confidence, safely and skillfully on the road. I train people of all ages and all experience. It doesn't matter if you are a child, teenager or an adult I will tailor a session to suit your needs. Here are the three levels at which I teach: 


You've never learnt to ride but would like to now.                      


You learnt to ride as a child but haven't been on a bike for years.        


You can ride your bike but would like to become more proficient at riding safely in today's traffic.


Also on this website, you will find basic information on bike maintenance, saftey checks, aswell as how to fit a helmet correctly.


I hope you find this website helpful, and feel free to contact me via email.